How much does a windscreen replacement cost?

Our focus will be on the various factors affecting pricing.

The windscreen is the occupants’ first line of defence against injury due to accidents, debris, and the elements. It also affords the driver an excellent view of the road and other traffic.

Modern vehicle windscreens are also increasingly integral to the many advanced systems in the pricier models.

Unfortunately, a single, small stone from a passing vehicle, or a combination of extreme weather and dubious car-care practice can damage your windscreen.

Sometimes, it might be possible to successfully repair limited damage instead of replacing the whole item. We will discuss the considerations and hopefully assist you in making an informed decision.

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Windscreen Replacement Cost

A windscreen replacement in the UK ranges from two/three hundred pounds to thousands

The replacement cost will depend on the following:


The term make is abbreviated for an automaker and refers to a car manufacturer such as Chevrolet, Ford, or SEAT.

Usually, the replacement cost will increase for the premium brands.


Manufacturing companies marked their products in ranges and models.

Each range (an example is Peugeot’s 207) may consist of different models of essentially similar vehicles. The models differ regarding body, features — and price.


The built year or year model is a significant cost driver.

A 1980 Audi Coupe will have fewer features (thus cheaper) than a 2020 Audi Coupe (more expensive).

Extent of the damage

A minor small stone crack compared to a brick shattering the whole screen.

Limited damage might be repairable, but it becomes irrelevant once the damage exceeds specific criteria. It will then require complete replacement.  

Where and who to for repairs

The company you choose for repairs or fitment will significantly affect the cost and service level.

To avoid financial damage, frustration and time-wasting, supporting a company with excellent car glass reviews makes sense.

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