What if I drive with a cracked windscreen?

You could get into severe trouble with the law, resulting in a 500 pound fine, three penalty points on your license, or even both – depending on the judgement of the law enforcer, and how extensive the damage could be regarding your windscreen and how much of your vision is obscured.

You are also putting yourself and everyone near you on the road in needless danger. Your vision – and the structural integrity of your car – is compromised and reduces your odds of being able to get from point A to B safely and without loss of limb or life.

If your windscreen gets cracked in any way, it is your duty to get it repaired as soon as possible or face the moral, ethical and UK law consequences to your choices and actions.

Why should I use UK Car Glass?

There are many choices within the UK on where to go and with whom to trust concerning car glass servicing and windscreen replacements. And you don’t want to visit the incorrect place if you find somewhere that utilises shoddy craftsmanship and cheap materials. To do so means that you’ll be in severe need of those similar services, but more critical than before – if possible.

So, here are the chief reasons you should rest a bit more comfortable knowing that your car is in qualified and reliable hands.

We travel and provide nation-wide coverage

As mentioned before, as long as we can reach your location by either land or bridge, we can grant you our premium services anywhere within the UK limits.

You will no longer be required to operate your car with a cracked windscreen as you race to the handiest car glass repair facility. This bonus will save you time and decrease the chances of you meeting hazards on the street with a compromised range of vision.

We have a handy website and booking system

We designed our website to guarantee you a hassle-free and untroubled experience, despite even the worst cases of technological inability. Book now at a time and date that fits well within your calendar, and we’ll send over one of our licensed and expert technicians at your best convenience!

We know life is in a perpetual state of turbulence and disorder, and it’s only our desire to bring some semblance of order to yours.

We have raving reviews

If you don’t want to take out word for it, check out our past customers. They have employed our services and had only fabulous things to say in our reviews concerning customer engagement, punctuality, and employee competence.

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